Our Story

Simple and wholesome for more than 75 years


At Sealtest, we believe that milk is best when it’s simple, delicious and wholesome. For generations, we’ve been providing Canadians with products that are as pure and straightforward as when the milkman came to deliver your milk with a smile. We believe in the little things, in the simple joys that go hand in hand with quality dairy products. And we’re proud to bring you the dairy products that have shared the table with your most cherished family memories.


Where good things never change

Sealtest has delivered quality dairy products to Canadian consumers for over 75 years. And today, with so many years of trusted dairy experience behind us, we’re continuing the tradition of integrity, knowledge, and care. At Sealtest, we take pride in our work and believe in the reliability of our products—and in their great taste and enduring quality. It’s milk that is, as always, simply good.